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Our History:
The Weiser School District took over the old campus until 1967, when a new high school was constructed.

Major renovation was then done in Hooker Hall which has served the local community and counties as a museum and cultural center since the early 1980s. A devastating fire in 1994 halted operations and put the building into renovation mode. It is a work in progress with volunteer work and donations from its visitors. Rooms and hallways of Hooker Hall hold museum displays for the curious and history buffs

THE ALUMNI ROOM holds memories for I.I. students and their families, as well as photos and artifacts from the Old Tute. Annuals and I.I. Green and White books invite visitors to browse through their unique history.  

THE HOLOCAUST ROOM is set as a remembrance of what a few in power did to so many who were powerless. This setting is a result of the Weiser High School's effort to teach about the propaganda, horrors and effects of the Holocaust. We are grateful for their dedication to history and telling a not-to-be-forgotten story.

LOCAL HEROES Walter Johnson and Cherokee Jones were from different eras: one went on to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the other to be mayor and member of the Weiser Vigilantes. Their stories are told on the first floor of the museum.

MINING brought businessmen, speculators, miners, and supply wagons to early Weiser City. Maps and objects, large and small, illustrate the influences mining brought to town.

AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY ROOM brings back memories of the early years of the automobile in this area and the garages that kept those cars and trucks running.  The Court Street Cruise Car Club has been working hard to bring us this piece of nostolgia and reminds us of how Weiser was home to some impressive car dealerships.
OUR CLASSROOM was assembled by the Idaho Alliance of Geographers in conjunction with National Geographic. 

​THE ARROWHEAD ROOM collection was the gift of Mary and Jess Pederson of Payette. Their generosity brought us hundreds of Indian artifacts along with other collectibles.

THE IRRIGATION & AGRICULTURE ROOM  is filled by a large topographical map in 3 dimensions of the Weiser River drainage area. Other displays and text explain farming and water systems of the area.

THE CLOCK MOVEMENT for the bell tower timepiece was renovated by the Idaho Horologists and moved from the bell tower to the second floor of Hooker Hall. 

TELEPHONE PIONEERS provide a long, changing history of communication with many items from their telephone days.