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Mayor Diana Thomas
A special thank you to all the volunteers at Snake River Heritage Center for the many hours they have donated. The museum is an outstanding example of our community working together to keep our history alive. The stories and displays help educate our children and visitors about our rich heritage and it allows our older citizens to relive and enjoy many memories of days gone by.
Anna Stark
Weiser's museum is like a phoenix. It has arisen from the devastating fire in 1994 to be better than ever. Exhibits feature local history, including the Intermountain Institute which was a unique educational system at the turn of the 20th century. Dedicated volunteers are at the heart of the museum's success.
The Snake River Heritage museum is a fine old building that has been a heritage of many generations - locals and those who came to attend the different school located at Hooker Hall over the years. As I walk through the halls memories of my youth flood through my mind as I reflect on my High School years wandering and learning a little through this great old building. This museum not only provides me with great memories but also very interesting local history items. Artifacts from the days of the famous baseball player and Hall of Famer, Walter Johnson, "The Big Train," back to the early Indians of the west through the technology that has accumulated over the years: this museum has it all.  This facility provides our local community numerous historical reflection programs throughout the year and is a focal point during the Annual Old Time Fiddle Contest. As a Mayor of the City of Weiser I know the importance of having a facility available that reflects our local heritage and provides an outlet to the community on interesting cultural and historical artifacts and events. The SRHC is such a facility and it also acts as a magnet for those who had the privilege of attending schools or training, as well as those who just enjoy the history of our great country. If you enjoy history, especially local history, the SRHC is a place to visit - a jewel in the memories of many

Reviews for The Weiser Museum:
John R. Walker Jr., Hooke Hall graduate 1959 - Mayor, City of Weiser 2008-2011.
My freshman year of high school began in Hooker Hall. It was a fine, big building and we felt fortunate to have a college-like campus for our school. Now the home of the Snake River Heritage Center, Hooker Hall is a fantastic legacy that people of vision passed down to us. Through the dedication and hard work of many volunteers the museum is developing into not just a nice facility but into a first-class learning and research center which would be the pride of any large city. We in Weiser are so fortunate to have this grand building and I know the original founders of the Idaho Industrial Institute would be proud that their legacy lives on.
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Kenneth Walston,  Weiser Historian
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